Community Champions

What is an SNC Champion?

  • They are a parent/carer with a child/young person/adult with special educational needs or disability (SEND), who wants to support other members of their community in any borough of London and Greater London. A Community Champion can also be a volunteer with experience or interested in learning about supporting families.
  • We work together on a voluntary basis, to reach out to the SEND community across London.
  • Community Champions will have access to various aspects of training on SEND related topics and be knowledgeable about the support and provision available to families so that they can direct the parents/carers/families to helpful sources of information and advice.
  • They will act as representatives of SNC and be our link to various local community groups around London and liaise with professionals, organisations, and agencies in the wider SEND Network.
  • They will collate information about what is important to the London SEND community and help us find community-based solutions to ensure that we are working towards a wider inclusive and disability friendly London.

What does Community Champions do?

  • Community Champions provide information and support on a wide range of SEND related topics, including: –
    • A listening ear and giving of general advice on individual issues where possible.
    • Sharing personal experiences and strategies that they have acquired over the years by parenting a SEND child/young person or working with families.
    • How to access the SEND Local Offer London * and their own borough’s SEND Local Offer*
    • Helping you to find out about various sources of information, advice and support, (e.g. specialist SEND education, health and social care provision;- short breaks, respite, after school, play areas).
    • Signposting or supporting you to apply for further financial aid, including benefits, grants and special discounts cards for families.
    • Representing their own communities and perhaps act as translators for those who do not have English as a first language.
    • Providing advocacy support for important meetings with the appropriate training.
    • Liaise with professionals from local authorities, national government, organisations and agencies in the wider SEND network to gain better understanding of the SEND landscape.

Who can become a Community Champion?

  • Any committed parent/carer of a child/young person or adult with SEND living in any borough of London and Greater London can become a Community Champion. We also welcome community volunteers, interns and college students interested in learning more about our SEND community.
  • Someone who is willing to learn, grow, is hard working and solutions orientated person.
  • We appreciate your commitment is dependent on individual’s personal circumstances and resources. We will require a set minimum amount of commitment (especially at events) and flexibility from you. We welcome the unique contribution you bring to the network.

What are the benefits of becoming a Community Champion?

  • Each Champion is a member joining a supportive, informed and empowered local and London-wide SEND community network that shares knowledge and expertise across London.
  • We welcome members who bring their own expertise, and already have or want to create other innovative community-based projects. We will support you to develop your own projects and provide assistance where possible. We believe in investing in and helping to upskill people in areas they need more support to fulfill their role, (IT, media literacy, personel skills etc).
  • We will provide you with a certificate and references for your voluntary work, after a period of time working with us if you wanted to find employment elsewhere. We will also look to recruit volunteers as paid staff members after the relevant training and where the position becomes available in the organization, subject to normal recruitment practices. We promote equal opportunities.

How to apply


*SEND Local Offer is the provision of information on SEND-related services required by law on all local authorities’ websites in the UK from the Children and Families Act 2014. They are supposed to set out how families can access SEND provision and where to go for further provision.

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*SEND Local Offer London, is the map of all the SEND Local offer boroughs in London.

To find your borough on the map, visit