Rix Multi Me


The Rix Multi Me Toolkit is a secure, person centred, comprehensive, digital, learning and social platform for individuals with disabilities and the circle of people that support them in their daily lives. The platform has a range of accessible tools designed to give people a voice and enable them to have choice and control in their life.

It has been designed following years of research by the University of East London (UEL) through its research and development centre, Rix Research & Media. The software is managed and distributed by Multi Me Ltd in collaboration with the centre.

Multi Me provides a set of tools that are easy to use, with simple graphics and colour coding to make navigation straight forward. The ‘My Stuff’ dashboard displays a number of tools that can be selected for use by the user.

My Circle

The My Circle feature provides a secure network around a user. It allows the person to share and interact with other users in their Circle on a one-to-one basis. Circle members can be sorted into the categories of Friends, Family or Professionals. For individuals that require help on the system, key supporters in their Circle can be made into personal admins known as ‘Buddies’. Buddies have the ability to manage the individuals own permissions on multi me, their Circle membership and define members access to their Stuff e.g. their Wiki, Diary or Goals.

My Wiki

Developed with RIX Research & Media My Wiki uses an accessible, mind-map design to help people with learning disabilities develop their own ‘About Me’ websites using multimedia. Using video, pictures, sound and words, The Wiki can capture the voice and aspirations of the individual and enable them to share their preferences and goals with the key people in their life. My Wiki is an exciting new add-on addition to the My Stuff dashboard where is sits in the middle, providing a multimedia hub for the individual’s About Me info. Find out more about the My Wiki tool and how it works alongside the other tools on multi me.

Note: My Wiki is available to users who have purchased the ‘My Wiki’ option only, users without this option have a simple ‘About Me’ multimedia profile page that is shared with their communities.

My Diary

The Diary feature allows individuals to create and share a daily blog using a combination of photos, videos text and stickers. Posts can then easily be linked to a user’s own Goals, evidencing Goal progression and achievement.

My Diary also allows key supporters to record and share important text based information about the individual, for example their health or care needs, in customisable Diary Logs.

My Goals

The My Goals tool allows users to set and manage goals around their life and learning targets. The multimedia format

allows users to easily evidence progress using digital media and share with people in the individuals’ Circle.

The My Goals feature is an accessible, multimedia-based project management tool. Goals are broken down into Tasks that can be scheduled and assigned to different users in their Circle. Goals can include educational targets at school, health, wellbeing or independent living skills for example.

My Calendar

The My Calendar tool provides an easy-read and visual overview of an individuals weekly rota of activities. It allows users to create their own Events and join Group Events. Events can be made to re-occur in a flexible manner so that users and Groups can easily create ongoing rotas of activities, such as daily class timetables or community based events.

My Calendar allows users to assign an individuals Goals to specific/ongoing Events, providing a powerful and integrated event scheduling and task assignment solution.

My Media

The My Media feature provides an easy to use library for users to store, organise and share their media and files. My media accepts all common media and document filetypes as well as Google Docs. Shared media can be easily accessed and used across groups of users.

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