My SEND File

OPTION 1-Printed Folder

A starting point for those starting to collect their child’s SEND information and not quite yet ready for the digital format. Its an easy way to creating a filing system that you can edit easily as your child grows up and develop. You can choose the design of the file and have it tailored to your child’s age. We can help you compile the most appropriate and useful content for you and your family. Take it to important meetings to help you get the right support in place.

Only £25 (plus postage and packing) plus FREE membership to our London wide network

OPTION 2-Digital Template Format (Personalised)

Convert all the paperwork into digital and editable format safely. It makes it easier to find everything that you need quickly and saves on paper, time, and effort later when you have to find lots of information. Store the information on your computer, and access it from your tablet or mobile on the go and send files to professionals via emails in minutes.

Only £9.99 plus free membership our London wide network